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Coin % Winners (ranked by 24 hr% ch)
RankCoin Name  Price BTC   24 hr % ch Week % ch
Protoshares 0.000194 20,972.64 19,482.66
RoxCoin 8.8E-6 166.67 60.29
PesetaCoin 1.53E-6 98.70 104.00
StealthCoin 2.09E-5 64.15 59.69
SpainCoin 2.68E-6 55.81 68.55
Coin % Losers (ranked by 24 hr% ch)
RankCoin Name  Price BTC   24 hr % ch Week % ch
ZCCCoin 3.81E-5 -35.52 36.05
ApexCoin 5.64E-6 -28.57 -26.85
SyncCoin 0.153 -25.52 -13.25
cachecoin 7.5E-5 -24.10 -31.85
SmartCoin 1.85E-6 -22.27 42.31
Coins by Market Cap Top 5
RankCoin Name  Market Cap Price BTC   24 hr % ch
Bitcoin 12,687,500.00 1 0.88
Litecoin 296,243.22 0.00754 0.38
Ripple 283,702.42 2.84E-5 -0.35
Dogecoin 56,720.50 5.89E-7 3.75
Darkcoin 55,041.79 0.0121 0.87
Volume 24 Hours Top 5
RankCoin Name  Price BTC Volume 24 Hour   24 hr % ch
Bitcoin 1 545000 0.88
Dogecoin 5.89E-7 221 3.75
Litecoin 0.00754 152 0.38
VeriCoin 0.000178 117 4.68
VertCoin 0.000332 82.1 4.34


Book Review: Digital Gold is an Invaluable Page-Turner
CoinDesk 24-05-2015 14:23
Book Review: Digital Gold is an Invaluable Page-Turner
A review of Nathaniel Popper's new book 'Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the inside story of the misfits and millionaires trying to reinvent money'.
Will the New UK Government Create a Bitcoin Hub?
CoinDesk 23-05-2015 11:00
Will the New UK Government Create a Bitcoin Hub?
What might the new UK government's plans for bitcoin regulation look like and is it capable of creating a bitcoin hub?
Bitcoin in the Headlines: Nathaniel Popper Strikes Media Gold
CoinDesk 22-05-2015 23:06
Bitcoin in the Headlines:  Nathaniel Popper Strikes Media Gold
This week, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg all gave bitcoin the spotlight with lengthy reports and coverage.


Infinitum Bitcoins Da Vinci Ingenium Physical Bitcoin goes on sale today
Google Alert - bitcoin
24-05-2015 16:30
Infinitum Bitcoins first announced their new physical Bitcoin earlier this year. The coin made form two troy ounces of pure...
-
Bitcoin in North Korea and Other Places You'd Never Expect
Google Alert - bitcoin
24-05-2015 16:18
The number of bitcoin merchants surpassed the 100,000 mark in 2015 and has grown across Europe and Asia due to...
-
Bitok Bitcoin Exchange Announces 0% Fees for Deposits and Withdrawls
Google Alert - bitcoin
24-05-2015 15:56
bitcoin africa, a Bitcoin exchange officially registered in England, has just announced a campaign which will allow users to...
-
Bitcoin Price Drifting Sideways
Google Alert - bitcoin
24-05-2015 15:33
In the ongoing correction below significant chart resistance near $243 (Bitfinex) and 1507 CNY (BTC-China), the Bitcoin price chart is...
-

Superintendent Lawsky to Leave the NYDFS and Start Consulting Business; Cato Institute Cries Foul
Bitcoin Magazine
23-05-2015 17:25
The Wall Street Journal reports that Benjamin Lawsky, the superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) who...
-
CANADA’s First Fintech and Banking Innovation Conference is Coming to Vancouver
Bitcoin Magazine
23-05-2015 17:07
On June 3, 2015, Vancouver, British Columbia, will host “Digital Finance 2015,” Canada’s first fintech and banking innovation conference, at...
-
Bloomberg Special Report Highlights Current Trends and Issues in the Bitcoin Space
Bitcoin Magazine
22-05-2015 17:04
Bloomberg Brief has published a Special Report about Bitcoin. Written as an introduction for financial professionals and busy investors with...
-
An Analysis of the Ripple Labs FinCEN Enforcement Action
Bitcoin Magazine
24-05-2015 16:55
This is a guest post by Joe Ciccolo, DCC Member and CEO of BitAML. Background  The Ripple Labs settlement agreement,...
-