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Coin % Winners (ranked by 24 hr% ch)
RankCoin Name  Price BTC   24 hr % ch Week % ch
StarCoin 1.98E-5 14,037.25 28,174.50
LitecoinX 9.87E-6 166.76 419.47
Infinitecoin 2.0E-8 100.00 100.00
HeavyCoin 6.0E-7 66.67 30.43
GhostCoin 0.000146 51.91 -15.55
Coin % Losers (ranked by 24 hr% ch)
RankCoin Name  Price BTC   24 hr % ch Week % ch
NewUniversalDollar 3.5E-7 -72.22 -50.00
cachecoin 2.35E-6 -70.63 -77.64
PayCoin 3.75E-5 -49.95 44.16
XXXCoin 2.09E-7 -49.38 -50.57
MurrayCoin 7.5E-7 -44.03 -53.42
Coins by Market Cap Top 5
RankCoin Name  Market Cap Price BTC   24 hr % ch
Bitcoin 12,687,500.00 1 -3.40
Ripple 904,254.28 9.04E-5 9.26
Litecoin 314,734.00 0.00904 -2.03
Dogecoin 54,491.19 5.66E-7 2.77
Nextcoin 47,375.66 4.74E-5 -2.08
Volume 24 Hours Top 5
RankCoin Name  Price BTC Volume 24 Hour   24 hr % ch
Bitcoin 1 827000 -3.40
Dogecoin 5.66E-7 822 2.77
Ripple 9.04E-5 726 9.26
StarCoin 1.98E-5 486 14,037.25
Darkcoin 0.00582 197 -4.96


ChangeTip CEO Nick Sullivan: We Won't Sell User Data
CoinDesk 18-12-2014 21:45
ChangeTip CEO Nick Sullivan: We Won't Sell User Data
Nick Sullivan responds to recent criticism against his tipping service concerning user data collection and privacy in an interview with CoinDesk.
GAW Miners Altcoin Launch Sparks Speculative Frenzy
CoinDesk 18-12-2014 20:20
GAW Miners Altcoin Launch Sparks Speculative Frenzy
American cloud mining company GAW Miners has launched its new altcoin, paycoin.
Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine: Central Bank Warning Isn't a Ban
CoinDesk 18-12-2014 18:45
Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine: Central Bank Warning Isn't a Ban
The Ukrainian chapter of the Bitcoin Foundation has given its opinion on a central bank statement concerning the legal status of bitcoin.


Clustering bitcoin accounts using heuristics
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18-12-2014 21:56
Editor's note: we'll explore present and future applications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies at our upcoming Radar Summit: Bitcoin ...
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You Can Now Buy Ebay Giftcards With Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin
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18-12-2014 21:45
In a surprise move, eGifter, one of the two biggest online gift card providers that accepts bitcoin, added Ebay giftcards...
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Why Bitcoin advocates might like New York's new proposed rules for virtual currency
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18-12-2014 20:16
One of New York's top financial regulators is laying out a new policy on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies after...
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Russia's currency needs help, but don't count on Bitcoin
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18-12-2014 20:15
Following the collapse, Bitcoin-to-ruble transaction volumes popped up from a daily average of 230 trades over a 30-day period to...
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[Live Video Stream] Blockchain University Launch, Holiday Party & Panel
Bitcoin Magazine
16-12-2014 22:00
Blockchain University is live streaming the launch party with an evening of talks & a panel about Blockchain technology. Starting...
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Tatiana chats with DApps Fund David Johnston at Money 20/20.
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15-12-2014 00:43
This is an interview I did with David Johnston of DApps Fund at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas.  Join us as...
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Tatiana interviews Dale Dickins, the Director of the documentary “The Bitcoin Doco”
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Join me as I chat with the Director of “The Bitcoin Doco” and a good friend Dale Dickins.  Dale explains to...
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A special event for the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup will be live streamed on Tuesday, December 16. The meetup will...
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